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Sliding Door Handles

Elite Sliding Doors, we have been servicing customers in Greater Seattle for over a decade!  We are a name you can trust for all of your sliding door needs.  Just ask any of our customers!

Common issues handle issues include handle replacement, handle detached, handle not latching properly, sliding door unable to move, etc.

Elite Sliding Doors offers a large selection of sliding door handles, of various styles and budgets. Your sliding door handles need to fit the intended use of your doors, as well as their type. Sliding door handles vary from insert handles with integrated locks, to surface mounted handles, and anything in between. Handles can be the pull type, which require slight force, insert handles that can be pushed open with the ease of a single finger, or push handles. The choice of a sliding door handle also depends on the actual door to which it is attached: door type, frame material, and other parameters. Our expert technicians will be happy to provide a professional consultation that takes into account all factors of your sliding door needs, and supply you with the optimal sliding door handle.


Some common sliding door handle issues include loose unit, handle misalignment, and problematic lock engagement. You might be tempted to try and install or repair your sliding door on your own. Please remember that, while DIY can be fun, success is not guaranteed and you may even damage you sliding door lock in the process. Leave sliding door handle installation and repair to the professionals. Our licensed technicians will arrive on site and perform a complete checkup of your sliding door to identify any hidden issues. A dysfunctional door handle might be only one of several underlying issue that compromise your door.

Elite Sliding Doors provides comprehensive sliding door handle repair and replacement services in the Seattle area, so all your problems can be solved with just one phone call. Repairs are performed on site by our team of licensed, insured, and knowledgeable professionals who get the job done quickly and at convenient rates. Don’t hesitate – no job is too big or too small.

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